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Business Theory

A Business Decision is an Exercise in Humanity

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We all like to be successful. Being successful in business makes us feel fantastic. We want more success in life as a general rule. Because of this we tend to try and do more of what made us successful. But when we repeat what we gave us success yesterday, we make ourselves less successful tomorrow. This is because...
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Looking Past The Obvious

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This series of posts is about the importance of learning to build a theory about what our business is and should be. Ours is a liminal world, a place of ambiguity and disorientation where a new way of thinking is still emerging. The basic idea is if we don’t actively engage with theorizing we’ll simply end...
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Being Open To Emergent Explanation

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(This post continues my look at the role of theory in business. A basic concept in my work is liminality, which is a stage of ambiguity and disorientation that precedes a new way of thinking. Note I use [.] as a place holder instead of 'manager', 'management', ‘leader’ or ‘leadership’. I don't buy into the leader vs manager debate:...
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Assumptions Are Bad for Business

Assumptions Are Bad for Business thumbnail
This next series of posts will develop my thinking around the importance of business theory. Investing time in business theory isn't necessary if you’re not taking responsibility for making something important happen. The focus of this blog is on the world and experiences of those people who are masked by the leader vs manager debate. I denote...
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