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My Pispective on Business Constitutions

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(A pispective is where you write about something in 314 words) We humans are naturally purpose seeking but also naturally commitment avoiding. By which I mean, we like to sign up for important sounding stuff, but also like an escape clause. Just in case things get tougher than expected. 'Compliance' is the service philosophy of many government agencies,...
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Productivity and Planet X

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Productivity. An omnipresent word and modern obsession. I was at first enthusiastic about becoming 'more productive'. Then my brain caught up to my mouth. Productivity is a vague and diffuse word. Like many a piece of modern business jargon it has taken on a life of its own. To me, it is a state to attain or a...
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We're All In The Public Service

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Good ethics is all a business has. A business cannot exist in isolation from the society that sustains it. Providing sustenance is a choice. The capacity to choose isn't static. Choices change. A business grown comfortable in the expectation that society needs it is a foolish business. Such has become the state of the business of government. It...
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I Wrote a Manifesto

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And it was really difficult. But that's what I wanted. It needed to be difficult. Important things shouldn't be easy. Unless it's chocolate. Chocolate should always be easy. I wrote a manifesto because I'm establishing a business that builds businesses that serve causes. And I know that if I'm successful I'll be sharing it with others. And if...
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