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Planning Towards Dangerous Irrelevance

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(This post continues my look at the ideas of futurity and liminality. Futurity is the time span over which a decision is effective and liminality is a stage of ambiguity and disorientation that precedes a new way of thinking. I’m coming to the end of this phase: this post and next weeks should see me move onto...
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The Difference Between Planning and Futurity

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The purpose of this blog is to capture my thoughts about the current state and future direction of the profession of management. I don't buy into the leadership vs management debate: it feels like a false dichotomy to me. Part of the problem is we need new words. So I use [.] as a place holder instead of 'manager',...
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My Pi-spective on Planning

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(A pi-spective is when you talk about something with only 314 words) Planning can be good. Planning can be bad. Good plans can take us nowhere. Bad plans can take us anywhere. No plan survives contact with the enemy. Paraphrased and attributed to Helmuth von Moltke. What he said was 'no plan of operations extends with any certainty...
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