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Managing Excerptations: The Wandering Mind

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I started my blog to kick my non-writing habit. I've now got enough material to start blocking out a book (hooray!). So while I'm doing that, I thought I'd start a small series looking at some of the books that have influenced me. "Managing expectations" is one of my least favourite managerialisms. I cringe whenever I hear it....
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Productivity is the First Test of Management

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The purpose of this blog is to capture my thoughts about the current state and future direction of the profession of management. The first test of management is how productive a business is under their care. Productivity is an awful word. It bedevils business professionals. But we have to come to some sort of accommodation with it. Otherwise...
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Productivity and Planet X

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Productivity. An omnipresent word and modern obsession. I was at first enthusiastic about becoming 'more productive'. Then my brain caught up to my mouth. Productivity is a vague and diffuse word. Like many a piece of modern business jargon it has taken on a life of its own. To me, it is a state to attain or a...
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