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We Are the Guardians of Our Own Standards

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The focus of this series of posts is to better describe who a manager (which I show here as [.]) is and does. Part of my motive is to get away from the leader vs manager topic which I believe is a false dichotomy. The trouble is finding a word to describe the modern [.]. My idea is to work...
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Productivity and Planet X

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Productivity. An omnipresent word and modern obsession. I was at first enthusiastic about becoming 'more productive'. Then my brain caught up to my mouth. Productivity is a vague and diffuse word. Like many a piece of modern business jargon it has taken on a life of its own. To me, it is a state to attain or a...
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We're All In The Public Service

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Good ethics is all a business has. A business cannot exist in isolation from the society that sustains it. Providing sustenance is a choice. The capacity to choose isn't static. Choices change. A business grown comfortable in the expectation that society needs it is a foolish business. Such has become the state of the business of government. It...
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