The purpose of this blog is to capture my thoughts about the current state and future direction of the profession of management.

I don't buy into the leadership vs management debate: it feels like a false dichotomy to me. It just seems to make smart people sound stupid.

Part of the problem is we need new words. So I use [.] as a placeholder instead of 'manager' or 'management'. The idea is that by taking the word away we can see these people more clearly.

I'm going to keep the blog simple and free of fiddle faddle. If you want to talk things through please hit me up on Twitter (@rl_rohan) or LinkedIn (Rohan Light). I might add comments and social share buttons at some point.

I'll also post my pi-spectives here (your view on something using 314 words, no more and no less) as well as other long-form articles. Pi-spectives are fun: a strict word limit gives a great constraint to free-form writing.

My long-form writing will follow my day job: I work in the intersection of digital and social. My speciality is decision-making architecture of groups, with an emphasis on observed behavior, probabilistic quantification (yes, that) and enterprise analytics.

I like to use old timey images to help make the point that a world existed before the interwebs: I use New Old Stock for the main posts. For the pi-spectives I use images from Unsplash.

Thanks for reading this far,