My Pispective on Being Frightened at Work

My Pispective on Being Frightened at Work

(A pi-spective is where you write about something in 314 words)

No one likes being frightened. Frightened is different from scared. Fright is a trembling dread, a sudden onset of terror.

Fright affects us all. It's an existential threat. It can fall upon us at any time and cuts to our very heart. We have all been frightened when young but how many of us will recognize being frightened as adults?

Yet it happens all the time. We live in times of change, which is much the same as saying we live in times of loss. We have parts of our lives that we cherish. Many of them are external to us. Our families, our friends and our homes.

But fright goes deeper than this. It affects the things we hold most dear about ourselves. Fright touches those aspects of ourselves that are critical to our deepest truths.

In the business world we take on many guises and affect many attitudes in an effort to maintain appearances in keeping with the people we aspire to be. We might fool others, but never completely fool ourselves. In the world of business, we are frightened by the abrupt exposure of our habitual self-deceit.

This is because nothing is more frightening than the truth. By which I mean, nothing is more frightening than the discovery that there is a great gap between the truth of ourselves and the truth we portray to the world.

The world of business is in many a world of falsehoods and fixed smiles. Our business selves are carefully contrived and for most of the time we are all able to collectively maintain the facade.

But we will all become frightened by the truths about ourselves we avoid. And that is the true test of this thing called 'culture'. Because caring for the frightened is one of the basic tests of humanity.

And humanity is fundamental to business. Because all business is people business.

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