My Pispective on Fear

My Pispective on Fear

(A pispective is when you write about something using only 314 words. Which doesn't include these words or the credits at the bottom)

We are a tempestuous lot. We are forever in turmoil. We create a lot of energy and excitement as we move through life. This helps explain why we create so much. And why we destroy so much.

We promote peace and balance, while at the same time urging change and pushing forward. Or pushin back. Or shaking free. Or taking control. We don't spend much time at rest. And often admire those who can.

The business world is a world of change. It's about making things and taking things. It's about saying things that aren't true and asking others to believe to be true what we hope to be true. We are told that if we stay still in a world of change, we're going backwards.

We threaten ourselves with fear of loss while we encourage others to hope for gain. We seek to transform, which means loss of identity for some. We put up thin explanations for why we do what we do.

What impels us to this life? We might say we wish for a better world. By which we mean a better self, because we place ourselves in that better world. We reach for an ideal self and as we do so we turn away from what we fear to be true.

We throw ourselves out of balance to avoid discovering that we are, in fact, weak or banal or insignificant or whatever we are afraid to be true. Fear drives us forward and at the root of that fear is our ego. We disguise the fear as aspiration and focus on the hope of others to avoid looking through the disguise.

It is only the greatest of fools who claim no fear and in our quietest moments we confront our fear. The harder we push for our ideal self, the more we leverage the fear that we won't get there.

Image by Brno Cervera via Pexels