Rovelli Lab Notes 10/11

Rovelli Lab Notes 10/11

I'm in my lab to get my head around #quantumcomputing and using Carlo Rovelli's The Order of Time to melt my brain to an appropriate state

"How does one describe a world in which everything occurs but there is no time variable? In which there is no common time and no privileged direction in which change occurs?"

"In the simplest way, the same way that we had thought about the world until Newton convinced us all that a time variable was indispensable"

"To describe the world, the time variable is not required. What is required are variables that actually describe it: quantities that we can perceive, observe and eventually measure"

This is the intersect with the risk management profession, my original trajectory

The uncertainty approach to risk management uses Bayesian inference to make probabilistic estimations, which is then converted into decision making

This approach is based on empiricism, focusing on observation. The data we talk about is therefore quantified perspectives.

And we know that these perspectives comprise bundles of lenses, some of which aren't appropriate to the context

"If we find a sufficient number of  variables that remain synchronized enough in relation to each other, it is convenient to use them in order to speak of when"